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Proposed changes to your rates


We are preparing to embark on a rates harmonisation process across the residential, business and farmland categories in the Hilltops Local Government Area.   We are seeking to create a consistent rating system that is a fairer approach for all ratepayers, regardless of dwelling or business type.  

While the total pool of money raised through rates for the provision of services will not change, individual properties may be asked to pay more or less than they have in the past.

  Legislation currently with NSW parliament may provide some relief in the form of an option to perform gradual implementation over four years if the NSW Government’s proposed changes are passed into law.

  Should this be passed the annual impact can be calculated by dividing the change in current and harmonised rate by the number of years (e.g. 25% each year for 4 years)

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Values are indicative only and subject to rating and land valuation changes.

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